6.0.9 Tasker Widespread Rollout of Tasky UI with Hundreds of Presets

Tasker 6.0.9 is currently being publicly released following several months of beta testing. The popular Android automation app’s most recent update offers a Tasky UI that has been simplified and packed with pre-set actions.

Thanks to its robust automation solutions, Tasker has established a solid reputation. Strong word of mouth is helping the app rapidly grow its user base worldwide. But because of the nature of the work it does, the app can be a little challenging to use, especially for novice users. It might even have a programming app-like feel to it. Joo Dias, a developer, wished to alter that. He was concerned that new users wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. The Tasky UI enters the picture here.

A new Tasker interface called Tasky was created especially for new users to help them settle in and use the app easily. It makes visitors feel at home right away with a clear user interface and easy pre-built routines. For starters, you may automate simple activities like placing the phone on mute, protecting it from touch when it’s in your pocket, notifying you when parking is available, enabling your location just when you want it, and many more. Everyone will find something valuable in the software. The pre-built routines can still be altered to suit your usage and requirements. Tasky is Tasker simplified, according to the developer.

Advertisement Of course, the current complete Tasker experience won’t disappear anytime soon. If you feel confident with the complexity, you can skip right to the powerful aspect of things, which also enables you to build your own own routines. Additionally, you may always return to the Tasky UI. So having that choice is useful if you ever feel trapped. In the video down below, Tasky is demonstrated.

DIFFERENT CHANGES ARE BRINGED BY TASKER 6.0.9. Tasker 6.0.9 includes a new Tasky UI in addition to some new actions. These include Running Tasks, Get Screen Info, Get Battery Info, Control Airplane Mode without Root or ADB WiFi, and many more. There are also numerous bug fixes. You can view the complete changelog here .

Last week, Tasker 6.0.9 began to be extensively distributed to users. Many users may have already accessed it on a global scale. If you use the automation app, you can download the most recent version from the Google Play Store by clicking the icon below. Check back a few days later if you don’t have access to an update. If you can’t wait for the Play Store update, the developer has also published an APK file that you can download from Dropbox ( via ) and sideload on your phone.



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