5 Functions Of Your Android Phone You Probably Have Not Thought Of Before

With good cause, Android is currently the most widely used operating system in the world. There are numerous features and functionalities included in this operating system that are not present in other operating systems. In actuality, there are probably a ton of operations that your Android phone is capable of that you are unaware of. In this article, we’ll expose you to 5 things your Android phone can do that you might not have known it could.

1. MULTITASKING SPLIT SCREEN Did you know that your Android device can run in split screen mode when running multiple apps at once? Split screen option is quite significant and practical for many people today. For instance, you can simultaneously launch and view a live sports score app in this mode; the well-known Mr Green Android app is one of the most well-known betting apps available.

You only need to complete a few easy actions to enable this Android functionality. Start the first app you wish to use on the split screen by opening it. Press and hold on the apps field after opening the Recent Apps section. Then, a few settings will show up. An icon that displays the split screen is one of these settings. When you click on this icon, split-screen mode will start.

Promotional Material 2. SMART LOCK Another cutting-edge feature that works with your Android device is Smart Lock. You have three choices for locking your phone with this feature. On-body detection is the term for the first one. Your phone can be unlocked with this feature while in motion, and it will lock when you set it down.

The second choice is trusted locations. The phone can only be unlocked using this feature in specific locations, such your home. The trusted devices, such as your TV or Bluetooth soundbar, allow your device to remain unlocked when associated with them.

3. RECOVER LOST NOTIFICATIONS How frequently have you unintentionally deleted notifications? We believe that you have experienced it frequently. However, did you know that you can restore deleted messages and missing notifications? We will outline the procedure for recovering lost notifications in the Android operating system.

Advertisement You must first access the Widgets section and drag the Settings shortcut to an available location on your home screen. After that, you must choose the Notification Log from a pop-up list that will then appear. The notification history will then be shown when you launch the widget.

4. BLOCK Particular Apps Every now and then, a friend or family member may require access to your phone for a reason, and you may not want them to use specific apps. To solve this issue, you can set up a privacy system using some app lockers or the app pinning feature.

The app pinning functionality is simple to enable. First, open the Security menu in Settings. Now pick the advanced settings and press App pinning. Open the application you wish to pin after you’ve enabled the option. Open the overview and click on the circular icon. Finally, select Pin from the menu that displays by tapping it.

5th advertisement: TURN ON ONE HANDED MODE The size of today’s mobile phones has increased significantly, making it challenging for some people to use them with one hand. Google Keyboard provides a solution to this issue as a result. Let’s explore the process for enabling one-handed mode on an Android device.

Open the keyboard as usual first. At this point, you must hit and hold the comma key. You must select the icon that depicts a hand holding a phone from the small menu that appears when you hold down the comma key. The end. You are currently in one-handed mode.


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