4K streaming is now supported by GeForce Now on Windows and macOS.

Nvidia GeForce Now is now increasing its streaming choices on PC and Mac, two years after its launch. As of right now, GeForce Now on Windows and macOS supports 4K streaming.

the GeForce programs for Windows and Mac are currently releasing Now, if your display can support that quality and refresh rate, the cloud gaming service can broadcast games at up to 4k60. But the only way to use this is through native apps, not the web client. Only on 1440p can games be played at 120 frames per second.

Naturally, 4K game streaming requires Nvidia GeForce Nows RTX 3080 grade graphics cards. Last year, support for 4K appeared alongside that more robust streaming tier, but only on the Shield TV. The maximum resolution for PC and macOS streaming was 1440p before this upgrade.

According to Nvidia, GeForce Now’s robust hardware and DLSS make this increased resolution possible.

NVIDIA DLSS, a ground-breaking AI rendering solution that boosts graphics performance using specialized Tensor Core AI processors on RTX GPUs, improves 4K streaming. With the help of DLSS, frame rates can be increased and gorgeous, sharp graphics can be produced for video games.

This is a significant accomplishment for both Nvidia and GeForce Now, which is one of the few cloud gaming services that supports 4K streaming across a range of gadgets.

READ MORE ABOUT GEFORCE NOW: Information about frame rates has been updated in the article.
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