37% of people wished that this abandoned Android phone will return.

The Samsung Galaxy Note brand portfolio is all but extinct by this point, as practically everyone in the Android camp is aware of. According to Samsung’s most recent efforts, its Galaxy S Ultra series now has the majority of Galaxy Note-specific capabilities. This is probably still true in 2023, when Samsung is supposed to introduce the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Nevertheless, a substantial percentage of customers continue to argue that Samsung shouldn’t have discontinued the Galaxy Note at all, regardless of what the company thinks of the Galaxy Note series. In our survey, the majority of participants (37.33%) expressed the hope that Samsung would eventually bring the Galaxy Note line back.

LG’s G-series, which received 22.80% of the vote, is the second smartphone series that most people are hoping will return. Android fans will remember recognizable phones from the LG G series to the LG G2, G3, G4, and the remainder of the successors, culminating in the LG G8 series in 2019. The likelihood of the LG G series making a comeback, though, appears slim given that LG will be ceasing its smartphone operations in 2021.


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