31% of respondents to our poll expressed a desire for this discontinued vehicle to return.

The Mazdaspeed 3 was the least popular of the top five automobiles in our survey, receiving 11.11 percent of the votes; the Pontiac Fiero just outperformed it with 13.53 percent of the votes. The Nissan 240SX significantly outperformed the Dodge Magnum 17, climbing to 26.41 percent of the vote, to take third place in our poll. With 31.56 percent of the vote, the winner is none other than the Dodge Viper, demonstrating that despite being named discontinued back in 2017, many people still haven’t forgotten about Dodge’s choice.

The Dodge Viper eventually went through five generations, beginning with the 1991–1995 SR I and concluding with the 2013–2017 VX I. (via Ultimate Specs ). The two-door liftback coupe has an aggressive style that makes it easy to recognize. Depending on the model and variant you’re looking at, it can have an 8.4-liter engine with up to 645 horsepower. When Dodge considered ending production of the Viper in 2010, the car was on the verge of extinction. As stated by Edmunds more than ten years ago, production did indeed cease for a while. However, it resurfaced in 2012 and continued for another generation before permanently leaving the market.


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