25% of gamers would be open to purchasing this Steam Deck substitute. – SlashGear poll

606 American gamers were polled to choose which option to Steam Deck they preferred, and the majority, or 25.58%, chose the ONEXPlayer. The ONEXPlayer is larger in practically every area when compared to the Steam Deck. Huge 512GB or 1TB storage options, an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, desktop-style I/O connections, a hefty 15,300-mAh battery, and probably the largest screen among the competition—an 8.4-inch IPS LCD panel with a clear 2560×1600 resolution—are just a few of the specs for the ONEXPlayer. With 23.27% of the votes, The Ayaneo Next came in second, which was very much to be expected given that it is already one of the top Steam Deck alternatives on the market right now.

The Ayn Odin Pro is a Qualcomm-powered portable gaming device with a measly 4GB RAM and Android 10 running on it. What’s more shocking, though, is that 20.30% of gamers selected it. The Ayn Odin Pro achieved third place, surpassing the GPD Win 3 at just 15.84%, while being the worst Steam Deck substitute on the list. With only 15.02% of the responders, the lightweight Ayaneo Air naturally comes in last. Its low power-to-price ratio, which as it stands renders it lighter but more expensive than the Steam Deck, may be the cause of this. Whatever the case, gamers embraced the ONEXPlayer wholeheartedly, as evidenced by the device’s enormous size.


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