Coming to Roblox, OnePlus World will feature free product giveaways.

It feels like just weeks ago companies were jumping on the bandwagon to create metaverse worlds where they could get fans excited about their products. Along the same lines, Roblox is the new target of OnePlus, where the company will showcase a world for players to hang out and win free products. Roblox has been []

With Chrome OS version 53 and the ASUS Flip, Android apps are now available on Chromebooks.

Announced at GoogleI/O 2016, Androids apps and the Play Store are now officially on Chromebooks. Chrome OS 53 isrolling out nowto all devices in the developer channel, but the Play Store is only showing up on the ASUSChromebook Flip. Early usersare reportingbugs, but reactions are generallypositive with performance improvements over Android apps installed via ARC []

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