15 Ideas For New Or Startup Android Apps

Making money with Android apps has never been simpler. In fact, it was just recently revealed that there are currently over 2 million apps accessible in the Google Play Store, and that figure is increasing daily. 109 billion apps have, on average, already been downloaded, and Statista projects the number to reach 187 billion by 2025. Discover emerging startups and Android app ideas that will boost your customers’ pleasure.

With so many options available, it might be challenging for a newbie to choose the android app concept or niche that would be the greatest fit for them and carry out their idea with one of the top mobile app development companies . Let’s talk about some startup and beginning Android app ideas.

15 BRILLIANT IDEAS FOR ANDROID APPS FOR NEWCOMERS AND STARTUPS 1. APP FOR AUGMENTED REALITY One of the Android app ideas for beginners is augmented reality, a technology that enables you to insert digital items into your physical world. Imagine it as being akin to when Superman employed X-ray vision, except with your phone in place of Superman (and you can use it for much less heroic purposes). Since it has been available for years, the technology underlying augmented reality is already present in many of the daily-use apps we utilize.

HEALTH CHECK-UP APPS WITH DIET PLAN (Advertisement 2) This is one of the top Android app ideas for startups if you are passionate about maintaining tight diets and routine medical exams. This app includes an action plan that details your exercise and health objectives. Additionally, you can add things you want to consume to a menu planner and search for recipes using components you currently have in your refrigerator.

3. APP FOR RAILWAY TRACKING Trains that run late, are canceled or short-circuited, stop at different platforms, and other issues can cause a great deal of inconvenience and worry for rail users. This software assists in keeping track of train schedules and notifies you when a train is delayed or canceled so you may make alternative plans.

4. APPS TO CREATE PDFS AND SCAN It takes a lot of labor to create an app. The benefits of having a mobile presence are numerous. Android alone is used by more than a billion people, yet creating an app can be challenging. Check out our list of creative app ideas for Android if you’re seeking for some inspiration. It is jam-packed with unique, doable Android project ideas that will help you develop your portfolio and set your firm out from the crowd.

Advertisement 5. APPS FOR LEARNING LANGUAGES Have you ever attempted to use one of those online resources for language learning? Although they’re excellent for teaching you new words and phrases, they don’t instruct you in how to speak the language itself. By connecting students with native speakers so they can have real dialogues, our app will aid with that. Students can pay mentors whichever much they choose, adding a new source of income for your company.

6. SEARCH AND BUY APPS You can struggle to come up with an idea for a start-up android app if you’re seeking for one. This may be especially true if you’re limited by money or don’t know where to begin. Here are some suggestions to spark your imagination if that describes you. There are millions of apps available, but these ones will help your tablet or smartphone fill in any gaps. Since we selected everything in this collection, nothing is bad or pointless in our eyes!

7. AGENCY BANKING APP By leveraging authorized agents, agency banking solutions allow traditional banks to grow their branch network in an affordable way. Services like risk management, product accessibility, and quick financial inclusion are all advantageous to clients.

Eighth advertisement: FITNESS APP Are you an avid exerciser? Do you get tired with the same old fitness app choices? Why not then make your own original Android app? These Android app concepts are ideal for someone who is enthusiastic about physical fitness, such as a personal trainer or club owner. Start by generating a list of facts, features, or material that would make a fantastic, fully functional Android application that would benefit users and advertise your company.

9. APPS THAT RECOMMEND FOOD For projects like food suggestions, where you may recommend to your friends the best places, it can be a terrific concept for an android app. Users can publish reviews and like or dislike other reviews on its web and Android versions. The website is responsively coded to work well on screens of any size (i.e desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone). Additionally, filters that are already built-in enable customers to identify comparable businesses nearby based on their own requirements, such as gluten-free cuisine, pet-friendly restaurants, etc.

10. APPS THAT FIND PARKING SPACE Let’s be honest: driving is awful. What if you could escape it at any costs? Before leaving the house, drivers might discover and book a free parking place using a parking space locator app. Finding a place is as simple as entering your destination; a list of alternatives close by will appear on your phone, with a green signal indicating that they are available.

11. SUPERMARKET CHECKOUT APP in advertisements It can be unpredictable whether an item is scanned while you are purchasing. Your item can be missed if a cashier is conversing with another client or is simply not paying attention. Apps for the grocery store checkout come in handy here. It is free to use and allows you to scan your stuff with any Android handset. Even when fresh coupon bargains become available in-store, the app tells you.

12. THE SOCIAL WINE AND EAT APP It ought to be regarded as one of the top Android app concepts that can connect with nearby users to get food or drinks. Users of this social networking program might interact based on shared interests, availability, and location. Direct invitation messages can then be sent by users to start a conversation.

13. APPS FOR UPI PAYMENT These days, everyone searches for quick and secure payment apps, and these might make excellent starter Android app ideas. Customers could pay using their bank accounts, mobile wallets, and credit cards if a UPI app was successful. Consumers in this day and age require a service that is in great demand. You may make money and build a profitable business using payment apps.

14. GOODS-TRANSPORTER APPS MARKETING App for goods-transporting When a distributor receives an order, the distributor might put its products on a truck and send them on their way. The transporter app will provide its customers’ (companies’) precise information about the contents, weight, destination, and arrival time of the truck. Additionally, it should be able to display the location of other trucks in relation to the user’s own, enable real-time tracking, and offer comprehensive freight cost and arrival time breakdowns.

15. APPS FOR SALE, BUYING, AND RENT Social media has become a popular tool to advertise products you wish to sell, but the reach of the majority of social networks is still quite small. Making your own community can be helpful if you’re trying to fast spread the word about a certain product (like an iPhone or even just anything like a laptop). Create a website that enables both prospective buyers and sellers to establish prices, submit images of their products for sale, and create profiles with their contact information.

16. APP TO HELP YOU RECYCLE Now, the industry of mobile app creation is hardly new. Creating a program that checks your phone while it is charging and notifies you if it has been harmed by overcharging is one of the intriguing Android app ideas. An excellent suggestion for recycling your old Android phones would be a straightforward mobile application that served only one purpose flawlessly.

Advertisement FINAL SENTENCE These Android app ideas for entrepreneurs and amateurs basically indicate that you can launch your own Android app company. The android apps are simple to create, and if you don’t want to, you may hire a freelance developer for inexpensive rates. When the beta version of your idea is successful, you can look at it from the perspective of investment, but not just any investor will comprehend what you do, even if they appreciate your idea.


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