10.95-Inch Display, 256GB Storage, and Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Included in the Pixel Tablet

The forthcoming Pixel Tablet from Google is starting to take shape. Through official development resources, we have discovered a lot about the device over the last two weeks. It might only use the first-generation Tensor chipset and support the 64-bit version of Android 13. Now, developer Kuba Wojciechowski has uncovered additional details on the tablet, including details about its storage and display capabilities.

The developer, who initially revealed the details to 91Mobiles , claims that the Pixel Tablet will have a 10.95-inch display. However, we are still unsure if it is an AMOLED or LCD panel. The gadget does, however, officially accept the USI 2.0 stylus made by Google. This is hardly surprising because it had previously obtained the USI accreditation.

According to rumors, Google will equip the Pixel Tablet with a first-generation Tensor processor and storage options of 128GB and 256GB. Either storage option would give you 8GB of RAM. Wi-Fi 6 will be supported by this tablet. Not the more recent Wi-Fi 6E, mind you. The absence of GPS hardware, a cellular modem, proximity and barometer sensors, and high-fidelity sensor processing was previously disclosed by Kuba.

Advertisement The Pixel Tablet has reportedly entered the EVT (engineering validation test) phase, according to the same source. Even now, Google has begun shipping products to countries like India for certification and EVT. This indicates that Google has completed the product’s primary hardware and design. Before moving forward with mass production, it will now internally test the tablet for functioning.

The Pixel Tablet is also said to have a dual camera setup with two Sony IMX355 sensors, which may have been confirmed by official development sources. Please take note that there are only one front camera and one rear camera, not two.

A DETACHABLE SCREEN FOR THE NEST HUB COULD BE MADE FROM THE PIXEL TABLET. Perhaps not a top-tier Android tablet, the Pixel Tablet. It lacks numerous essential pieces of technology, including a proximity sensor, GPS, and cellular modem, and has an outdated processor. According to rumors, Google is creating the item as a removable screen for the Nest Hub. Perhaps animations included in Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1, which was published earlier this month, indicated this. Of course, you can also use the Pixel Tablet alone. However, it won’t be very sophisticated and won’t be appropriate for outside use.

Advertisement Google is reportedly developing a Pixel Tablet Pro, according to new evidence. Although there aren’t many details at the moment, the Pro model may soon start to emerge as well. We’ll keep you informed.


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